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Peptide complex in solution for gastrointestinal tract PRO 12

Contains natural peptides - pancreas, thymus, liver, gastric mucosa.

Release form: 10 ml


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Peptide complex in solution PRO 12 for the gastrointestinal tract. Contains natural peptides - pancreas, thymus, liver, gastric mucosa.

Peptide complex action:

  • support for gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • prevention of oncopathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • prevention of digestive disorders;
  • prevention and restoration of the gastrointestinal tract with gastritis.

Peptide complex composition:

Purified water, glycerin, bioantioxidant complex "Neovitin®", propylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, xanthan gum, peptide complexes A-1, A-6, A-7, A-10, mint essential oil, anise essential oil.

Mode of application:

Apply a small amount (6-8 drops) to the inner surface of the forearm and rub until completely absorbed. The duration of the course is 3 months.

It is possible to use up to 6 peptide complexes at the same time.

Main components:

Pancreatic peptide complex (A-1)

Through a selective effect on pancreatic cells, it activates the division and differentiation of functionally active cells, the gland tissue is restored and its functioning is normalized.

Thymus peptide complex (A-6)

Activates the cellular link of immunity and completely covers the entire process of the immune response, restoring and normalizing the interaction of immunocompetent cells, the synthesis of antibodies and the entire immune response as a whole. It has a regulatory effect on the cells of the thymus gland, accelerates the maturation of various populations of T-lymphocytes, equalizes the ratio of T and B-lymphocytes, normalizes the immune response, and has an oncoprotective effect.

Liver peptide complex (A-7)

Enhances the processes of cell proliferation and differentiation, increasing the rate of regeneration of damaged liver tissue and restoring the functions of the organ.

Peptide complex of the gastric mucosa (A-10)

Selectively acts on the cells of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, normalizing metabolism in them, which leads to the restoration of their function and strengthening of repair processes in damaged tissues.

Bioantioxidant complex "Neovitin"®

The bioantioxidant complex “Neovitin”® is isolated using original technology from its own strain of ginseng biomass, cultivated using a biotechnological method. The new technology allows for maximum extraction of the antioxidant complex without loss of activity. The bioantioxidant complex "Neovitin"® has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating effect thanks to panaxosides and the specific polysaccharide panaxan. The synergistic effect of the active components of the complex promotes the production of antioxidant enzymes and interferon in the body, which inhibit the reaction of peroxidation (destruction) of lipids in the cell membranes of blood vessels, strengthen them, and thereby increase the body's resistance, including premature aging.

"Neovitin"® controls the formation and leads to a physiological norm in the amount of the main provocateurs of premature aging - oxygen free radicals formed during the life of the body. It is also the main agent of their neutralization. The complex is shelf stable and has high penetrating ability through the dermis and mucous membranes. It has been proven that “Neovitin”® has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, which determines its widespread use in anti-aging skin products and therapeutic and prophylactic products for oral care.

The unique properties of "Neovitin"® are confirmed by 11 patents for inventions and awarded gold medals from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. I.I. Mechnikov “For practical contribution to strengthening the health of the nation” and P. Ehrlich of the European Commission for Academic Awards “For special merits in the field of social and preventive medicine.”

Peppermint essential oil

The main effect of peppermint oil is to stimulate the nervous system. It has vasoactive properties - it regulates venous-arterial tone, promotes the outflow of blood through the external veins, and when taking nitroglycerin, it prevents an increase in the tone of the intracranial veins. It is also a mild stimulant.

Peppermint essential oil also has analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antioxidant, bactericidal, healing, tonic, vasodilating, absorbent, stimulating, expectorant, diaphoretic and carminative effects. The choleretic property of mint essential oil is associated with the presence of polyphenols in its composition. Bilirubin and cholesterol are released with bile, and the exocrine function of the liver is enhanced under the influence of peppermint oil. Peppermint essential oil is used to treat colds, various inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, flu, runny nose, and bronchitis.

Anise essential oil

It most actively affects the functioning of the entire digestive system, eliminating not only acute disorders, but also stagnation. Anise oil also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the kidneys and all organs of the genitourinary system, including the dissolution of stones. An active antidepressant, it helps maintain an optimistic mood, activates thinking and enhances adaptability. Anise oil also has a beneficial effect on sleep, relieving excessive excitability and anxiety and promoting carefree rest.

Release form: 10 ml

The product of collaboration between Peptides and the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology has become an updated generation of peptide bioregulators for external use. The new generation of drugs has a direct and targeted effect on organs and systems, and the saturation of actives in each complex has increased.

Peptide complex in solution PRO is applied to the inner surface of the forearm in the projection of the veins and rubbed until completely absorbed. After 7-15 minutes, the peptides bind to dendritic cells, which carry out their further transport to the lymph nodes, where the peptides are “transplanted” and sent through the bloodstream to the desired organs and tissues.


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:
100% Original from Peptides (Russian Federation)

Development and production:
Peptides (ex Scientific and Production Center of Revitalization and Health)

St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology


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