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SACHEL hair oil with Kukui Micelles

Native oil for hair care with Kukui Micelles.
This biological oil contains no synthetic substances, medicinal substances, and/or conserving agents. This product may be used by children.

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SACHEL HAIR OIL WITH KUKUI MICELLES is micellar biological oil based on the oils extracted from the medicinal herbs seeds and fruiting bodies supplemented with the kukui nut oil and sap micelles. Unlike the conventional liquid oily form, the micellar native biological oil is characterized by cream-like texture, its micelles provide pronounced dermatological and esthetic effect for all structures and components of the hair shaft, hair root and scalp.

This native vegetable complex regulates the biochemical processes in the hair follicle, adjacent dermis, scalp blood circulation system and epidermis and scalp bacteriological profile; it contributes to elimination of Pityrosporum Ovale fungal infection on the scalp surface, that causes seborrhea and dandruff.

The native composition of the biological oil is characterized by high penetrability through the scalp epidermis upper layer down to the bursa pili and sebaceous glands, provides regulating effect for the sebaceous glands functions and condition, normalizes the microcirculation, blood circulation and metabolic processes within the skin internal layers. The vegetable and natural components of this biological oil are available in their native and most active natural form; they are characterized by compatibility with the scalp extracellular matrix, contribute to recovery of the natural metabolic processes in the hair follicle, adjacent area, blood vessels and scalp surface skin layers.

The natural composition of eco-extracts of herbs, kukui nut juice and oil micelles provides an individual effect on the estrogen and androgen receptors of the hair follicle and at the same time has an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on scalp cells, hair follicles and hair shaft.

They contribute to:

  • amelioration of fungal infection caused by pityrosporum ovale; excessive population of this fungus is the factor causing dandruff and scalp inflammatory process;
  • adipose glands functions normalization, i. e. regulation of the sebaceous matter secretion in case of excessive or reduced secretion rate, up or down to normal rate;
  • elimination of itching;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the deeper skin (dermis and hypodermis), stimulation of nutrients and oxygen delivery to the follicle and adjacent area, and hair growth improvement;
  • strengthening the hair keratin layer structure, elimination of hair splits;
  • hair papilla cells population increase, and hair loss prevention;
  • better elastic properties of the hair;
  • hair protective properties improvement, prevention of hair and hair roots structure deterioration when affected by external unfavorable factors (such as hair dryer, aggressive environment when coloring or bleaching, and others);
  • hair density increase in case of endocrine profile weakening;
  • increase of the hair follicle anagen phase quantity and prevention of androgenetic alopecia.

Artemia eco-extract, mumijo extract, and medicinal herbs extract contribute to improvement of the dermis cells and skin epidermis blood supply, ensure delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair root and bursa pili cells, provide scalp massage effect, provide relaxing and soothing effect, and contribute to elimination of stress and headache.

Natural native essential oils provide regulating action to the psychoemotional state, improve the state of mind, obviate the depressed mood and stress consequences expressed as the loss of hair and hair esthetic properties deterioration.

Native natural biological composition of herbal essential oils and concentrates, when touching the skin cells, reveals itself in the individual aroma that attracts, and leaves a slight and pleasant scent of freshness on the skin with a few flourishes of attractive astringency for 12 hours.

This native micellar biological oil has dense, cream-like texture, characterized by enhanced penetrability and long-lasting action for the treatment of the scalp, hair shaft, hair follicle functions and condition disorders, and problems with the sebaceous glands adjacent to the follicle.


Kukui nut oil and sap micelles, garden lovage root native sap, medicinal emblic native extract, kukui nut native extract, inca inchi oil, birch bark oil, juniper tar, nightshade native extract, sedge native extract, birch native extract, burdock native extract, burdock oily extract, nettle oily extract, propolis native extract, clover native extract, ginkgo biloba native extract, camomile oily extract, John's-wort oily extract, mulberry native extract, beans native extract, sweet briar berries native extract, amaranth seeds native oil, common bilberry native extract, mustard native extract, black cumin native extract, lycopodium seeds native extract, carnation buds native extract, reishi native extract, artemia native extract, holly berry native extract, lapacho native extract, mumijo, stone oil and castoreum.

Method of application:

Press the dosing device 2 or 3 times to squeeze some biological oil out, apply the oil onto your wet hair and scalp; use massage movements and gently rub the oil into the scalp and hair roots, then distribute the oil along the entire hair length; leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with water. It is recommended to use the oil 1 time a day for 10 days. Repeat the course in 7 days. For scalp condition disorders preventive treatment and for hair growth stimulation, prevention of fungal and parasitic infections (Pityrosporum Ovale, Candida, demodecosis), it is recommended to use the oil every 3 months.

Combined use of this biological oil with the Sachel Native Bio shampoo and balsam-rinse contributes to stable recovery of the hair growth, elimination of dandruff and loss of hair, and improvement of the hair esthetic properties in 2 weeks. Three courses per year are recommended.

This biological oil contains no synthetic substances, medicinal substances, and / or conserving agents. Slight deviation in organoleptic parameters between different batches is permissible, this deviation is typical for the source natural raw materials. This product may be used by children when dealing with the scalp and / or hair condition disorders caused by dermatological, infectious, fungal, or allergic factors. This native oil provides pronounced esthetic effect for the hair keratin layers, contributes to keratin scales smoothing, and makes your hair shiny. This product may be applied onto the clean hair on the hair tips to treat the split ends, and to add shiny look.

Storage conditions:

store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° С.

Shelf life:

2 years. When opened, keep for not more than 12 months.

Form release:

4,5 g



100% Original from SACHERA-MED (Russian Federation)

Development and production:

SACHERA-MED (Russian Federation)

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Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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