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Thymus Extract (Thymulin) natural thymic peptide for immune system.

Form release: 10 vials / pack, 10 mg

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THYMALIN®  Thymus Extract (Thymulin)  is a natural thymic peptide that has been isolated from calf thymus and acts as an immunocorrector or immunostimulant. It restores impaired immune system (regulates the number and ratio of T- and B-lymphocytes and their subpopulations, stimulates cellular immunity reactions, enhances phagocytosis), stimulates regeneration and blood formation in the event of their oppression and also improves the course of cellular metabolism.

Thymalin is an immunomodulatory drug that is prescribed for various diseases in the patient's body. Lyophilized powder for injection is used to treat reduced immunity, fatigue, dermatitis and even with cancer. It is used for the treatment of disorders of regenerative processes, acute and chronic infectious pathologies, disorders of the functioning of the thymus gland, depression of the immune system and blood formation after the treatment of cancer, septic and purulent infectious processes, multiple sclerosis and bronchial asthma. Against the background of the use of Thymalin, phagocytosis and cellular immunity are enhanced, regeneration processes are stimulated, hematopoiesis and cellular metabolism are improved (metabolism).


  • immunodeficiency in adults and children (from 6 months to 14 years) with infectious purulent and septic processes,
  • acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections,
  • regenerative processes disorders,
  • immunosuppression and hematopoiesis after chemotherapy or radiation therapy in cancer patients,
  • neuroendocrine effects.

THYMALIN is administered by intramuscular injection. Do not administer intravenously! For intramuscular administration only a freshly prepared solution should be used. Storage and subsequent use of the ready-made solution is unacceptable.

Relative contraindications to the use of drugs based on peptides isolated from the thymus of cattle are the perimenstrual period, some endocrine syndromes (pituitary adenoma, acromegaly) and the time of the physiological activity of the thymus up to puberty;
Tell your doctor if you are taking any of the medicines listed below:
• Drugs with a similar mechanism of action (T-activin, thymactide, thymogen or thymoptin);
• Hormones of the pituitary gland (somatotropin, luteinizing hormone) and estrogens - the drug can be synergistic;
• Sex hormones (progestins, androgens), adrenal hormones - from the point of view of pharmacological action, are antagonists of the drug THYMALIN.


Thymus extract - 10 mg obtained from the goiter glands of calves and young animals under the age of one year. Glycine - 20 mg.


For intramuscular injection. The contents of the vial are dissolved before injection in 1-2 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution. The drug is administered intramuscularly daily in the following doses: adults 5-20 mg (30-100 mg per course), for children up to one year - 1 mg; 1-3 years -1.5-2 mg; 4-6 years old - 2-3 mg; 7-14 years old - 3-5 mg for 3-10 days, depending on the severity of immunity disorders. If necessary, repeat the course (after 1-6 months).

For preventive purpose the drug is used intramusularly on a daily basis: adults 5-10 mg, children 1-5 mg for 3-5 days.

If you receive more THYMALIN than recommended:
There are no data on cases of overdose when using the drug THYMALIN. The risk of overdose of drugs based on peptides isolated from the thymus of cattle is unlikely and is limited, since thymic peptides are sensitive to proteases in the body, which reduce the concentration of the drug in the blood.

Form release:

10 vials / pack, 10 mg


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