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SOLAGIFT LLC is a Russian-Australian company, a subsidiary of the Prenolica Limited holding (Melbourne), created for the production of natural substances and products from pine needles with a wide spectrum of activity. The company's scientists have developed a gentle technology for obtaining extracts, which preserves all the "living elements" of coniferous trees. The resulting highly effective substances formed the basis of many products recommended for use in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and agricultural industries. Currently, the basis of the company's assortment is made up of prevention products, natural adaptogens and immunomodulators, which have a powerful healing effect on the human body. All products manufactured by the company, biologically active food complexes and functional food products have a synergistic effect and are aimed at maintaining health and improving the quality of life.

The Solagift company was the first and only in the world to start the production of highly purified polyprenols of plant origin on an industrial scale. Polyprenols are powerful natural bioregulators derived from conifers. As a result of clinical trials in Russia and abroad, their hepatoprotective, anti-sclerotic, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective and oncoprotective properties have been proven. In 2011, polyprenols were officially included in the list of essential substances for human health. The mission of the company is to help humanity in its fight against various ailments, using effective and safe natural complexes under the general brand Bioeffectives, obtained from the “living elements” of trees, to improve people's health.

Solagift LLC is a laureate of various competitions and exhibitions. The products were awarded with medals and diplomas of the highest level at exhibitions and competitions (competition "100 best goods of Russia", exhibitions "Medicine. Healthcare. Pharmaceuticals", International exhibition in Astana). In a short period of time, formulations, production technologies were developed, as well as technical conditions were registered and certificates of conformity were obtained for ten therapeutic and prophylactic drugs. In accordance with the requirements of EurAsEC and the technical regulations of the Customs Union, registration was obtained for 19 therapeutic and prophylactic drugs under the Bioeffectives trademark. This applies to both polyprenols and other plant-derived substances.


Today it is clinically proven: polyprenols stimulate the immune system, cell repair and spermatogenesis, and have anti-stress, adaptogenic, antiulcer and wound healing activity. They have antioxidant activity and protect cell membranes from peroxidation. The antitumor effect of polyprenols was studied in three models of tumor growth. Polyprenols significantly inhibited the volume and mass of the tumor, reduced the number of metastases and the total area of ​​metastasis. Since 2011, polyprenols have been included in the list of essential substances for human health, along with vitamins and other trace elements *. * Decision of the Customs Union of 07.04.2011 N 622 "On Amendments to the Unified Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Goods Subject to Sanitary-Epidemiological Surveillance (Control)" - polyprenols are included in the list of vital components for the human body; Adequate consumption level (AUP) of polyprenols - 10 mg / day, max - 20 mg / day. RF patent No. 2317972. The proposed method allows you to obtain polyprenols selectively, with high yield and purity.


Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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