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ACTOFLOR New Generation Metabiotic

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Actoflor-S is a complex of 12 amino acids and organic acids that are necessary for proper intestinal functioning.
Actoflor-S components:

  • Glutamic acid and essential amino acids: lysine and methionine. They stimulate the growth of the E. coli probiotic strain M-17.
  • Sodium Acetate stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and the other representatives of a healthy intestinal flora, improves blood circulation in the intestinal mucosa. It is an energy substrate for muscle and heart tissues, kidneys and brain.
  • Succinic, lactic and formic acids increase intestinal flora resistance to pathogenic bacteria, regulate pH balance, intestines motor and secretory activity. They boost immune system.
  • Alanine, Aspartic acid, Glycine, Leucine and Valine increase the effectiveness of all the components. Due to these amino acids the effect of the metabiotic develops in a shorter time.


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ACTOFLOR New Generation Metabiotic

ACTOFLOR-S metabiotic

Preparation of a new generation to...

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