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THYMOGEN - Synthesized Peptide Immunomodulator

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Thymogen® is an effective immunomodulator that normalizes the functions of the immune system. It strengthens weakened immunity and reduces an inadequately high immune response. It stimulates regenerative processes, restores biochemical, hematological and coagulatory blood indices during immunodeficit conditions, activates the synthesis of endogenic interferon.

Peptide bioregulators take a special place among medicines used in the treatment of a wide range of human diseases. There are peptide thymomimetics among them - drugs that have the properties of the thymus hormone and at the same time are not its fragments (Thymalin, Thymogen , Immunget, Crystagen, Vladonix, Vitual Protector 3 Plus , Vitual Anemo 3 Plus, Vitual Sport 5 Plus).

The active components of the polypeptide preparation Thymalin are short peptides in its composition:
the EW dipeptide, that was synthesized later and named "Thymogen"; dipeptide KE (synthesized peptide "Vilon") and tripeptide EDP (synthesized peptide "Crystagen").

Thymogen has several dosage forms available: ampoules, spray and cream.

  • Thymogen spray form is usually used as a prophylactic and treatment of acute and chronic non-specific lung diseases.
  • Thymogen injection form is used for the treatment of various acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections that are accompanied by weakened immunity.
  • Thymogen cream form is used for the treatment of dermatitis and as a regeneration aid for the treatment of wounds and scars.

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The active substance of Thymogen® is the monosodium salt of L-α-glutamyl-L-tryptophan. It is a synthetic dipeptide consisting of amino acid residues - glutamine and tryptophan. It is identical to a natural compound isolated by chromatography from an extract of the thymus (thymus gland) - an organ where maturation, differentiation and immunological "training" of T cells of the immune system take place. Its international non-proprietary name (INN) is Oglufanidum (oglufanid). Alpha-glutamyl-tryptophan stimulates cellular factors of immunogenesis, proliferation and differentiation of T-lymphocyte precursors into mature immunocompetent cells, normalizes the ratio of T-helpers/T-suppressors, increases the concentration of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in T-lymphocyte precursors. It strengthens nonspecific resistance of the organism, promotes activation of phagocytic functions of neutrophils and monocytes / macrophages; stimulates interferonogenesis and natural killer cell function (in low doses). Thymogen possesses anti-mediator properties. These is highly effective for immunodeficiencies of the T-suppressor type.

The main areas of application of various dosage forms of the drug Thymogen®:

  • complex therapy of acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, accompanied by a decrease in the parameters of cellular immunity;
  • prevention and complex therapy of acute and chronic respiratory diseases;
  • prevention of suppression of immunity, hematopoiesis, regeneration processes in the post-traumatic and postoperative period, in the course of radiation therapy or chemotherapy, when using massive doses of antibiotics;
  • prevention and complex therapy of viral (including acute respiratory infections and influenza), bacterial and chlamydial infections;
  • in dermatology, for the complex therapy of atopic dermatitis, including those complicated by secondary bacterial infection, chronic true and microbial eczema, chronic pyoderma, mechanical, thermal and chemical injuries of the skin, etc.;
  • in obstetric and gynecological practice.
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