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10 rectal suppositories.
Natural peptide preparation - prostate extract with zinc arginyl glycinate. Treatment and prevention of prostatitis and male urogenital disorders.
Active substances: prostate extract (Prostatilen®) 0.03 g;
zinc arginyl glycinate dihydrochloride 0.18 g.

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PROSTATILENE® AZ is a ultra purified polypeptide of animal origin developed to treat prostate disorders. The efficacy had been proved for over 20 years in clinical practice. The product can be used either as monotherapy or as a part of a therapy in combination with other drugs appointed by the doctor.

The agent works by curbing the inflammatory process thus reducing swelling of tissues.The work of medication in epithelial tissues helps to prevent blood clots in the blood vessels and strengthen the capillaries. It contributes to the improvement of the male function and restoration of semen fluid and normalization of the erectile function. The medication has a natural composition and includes such components as a prostate extract, zinc nutrients and glycine. The use of animal tissue extract, that includes peptides, serving as natural bioregulators, helps to achieve a precision of action on tissues it was derived from. In this case – prostate gland tissues of young bulls.

PROSTATILEN AZ has an organotropic effect on the prostate gland. It reduces the degree of edema, leukocyte infiltration of the prostate gland, normalizes the secretory function of epithelial cells, increases the number of lecithin grains in the secretion of the acini, stimulates the muscle tone of the bladder. Prostatilen AZ reduces thrombosis, has antiaggregative activity, prevents the development of venule thrombosis in the prostate gland.
It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, reduces pain.
It promotes an increase in the level of free testosterone, an increase in the number of progressively mobile forms of spermatozoa and their morphologically normal forms. The drug causes a decrease in the level of antisperm antibodies and normalizes male copulatory function.

Peptides of the prostate extract in tissues are cleaved by cellular proteases to amino acids, that are involved in the synthesis of tissue-specific proteins and other biologically active compounds. The chelated complex of zinc arginyl glycinate dihydrochloride is split into zinc, arginine and glycine with their subsequent metabolism.
The drug has no cumulative effect.


  • chronic abacterial prostatitis, including those with impaired spermatogenesis and erectile function;
  • conditions before and after operations on the prostate gland;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Active substance: natural peptide - prostate extract, zinc arginyl glycinate.

for 1 suppository:
Active substances: prostate extract (Prostatilen®) * 0.03 g, zinc arginyl glycinate dihydrochloride (in terms of zinc arginyl glycinate) 0.18 g;
Excipients: liquid paraffin 0.06 g, solid fat (Witepsol or Estaram, brand W 35) a sufficient amount to obtain a suppository weighing 1.9 g.


The rectal suppositories are contained in a blister pack. The suppository should be put into water to moisten it before use.

Rectally. 1 suppository is injected deep into the anus after a bowel movement or a cleansing enema 1 time per day. After the introduction of the suppository, the patient is recommended to rest in the supine position for 30 minutes for better absorption of the drug components. The course of treatment is at least 10 days. The maximum duration of treatment is 20 days. A repeated course is possible no earlier than 4 weeks after the end of the previous one.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Children under the age of 18.
With caution: apply to persons with acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum and perianal region, such as hemorrhoids (external and internal), anal fissures, paraproctitis, inflammation of the epithelial coccygeal passages, etc.

Form release:

10 rectal suppositories.


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from  CYTOMED (Russian Federation)

Development and production:

CYTOMED (Russian Federation)

St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology

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Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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