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PROTECTOR 3 Plus 60 - peptides immunoprotector

Natural Peptide Complex (Cytomaxes) Affects all Parts of the Immune System and Prolongs Active Longevity

3 in 1 // 60 capsules per pack
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200,00 €

Complex Protector 3 Plus is an innovative natural remedy that is suitable for people of all ages to maintain the immune system. It contains epiphysis, thymus and bone marrow peptides, that help activate the body's own resources, improve the immune and neuroendocrine systems to slow down aging, reduce the biological age of the person and significantly improve health. The complex action of the drug provides a significant increase in immunity, improves performance, increases resistance to stress, improves quality of life and prolongs active longevity. Bioregulators are not hormonal drugs, do not cause allergic reactions and other unwanted side effects.

What can epiphysis peptides do?

  • To replenish the production of melatonin, that acts as an antioxidant: penetrates through anybiological barrier and binds free radicals;
  • Restore daily rhythms and secretionof other hormones;
  • Postpone age-related changes and mitigate their effects;
  • Reduce anxiety and increase resistance to stress;
  • Protect brain cells andimprove its cognitive function;
  • Improve the sexual system in men and women; improve the ability to procreate.

Peptide bioregulators are organic substances that can stimulate biological processes in the body and include mechanisms for independent recovery. Thanks to the discovery of the method of obtaining bioregulators, scientists were able to synthesize a new type of preparations. They can slow down the rate of ageing, prolong active longevity and reduce the risk of developmental disorders associated with age-related changes.

Peptides under the brand name Khavinson Peptides (International Research Foundation, headed by Professor V.H. Khavinson, who has been studying peptide bioregulators and geroprotectors for over 45 years) is a group of substances that can increase life expectancy. In cooperation with this world-famous brand Vitual participated in the creation of polypeptide complexes.


  • improvement of immune and neuroendocrine system function
  • improvement of hematopoietic system function
  • improvement of melatonin production by your body
  • acceleration of recovery from past diseases
  • improvement in oxygenation of the heart, brain and muscles
  • significant improvement of sexual function in men and women.

Protector 3 Plus is a natural remedy that has an immune supporting effect due to its influence on the synthesis of melatonin and other substances involved in the adaptation processes of the body.

Complex Protector 3 Plus affects all parts of the immune system and prolongs active longevity:

  • The main component of the immune system is T-lymphocytes. Bone marrow peptides increase their reproduction and improve the entire hematopoietic system.
  • The most important organ of the immune system is the thymus. Thymus peptides improve its functionality, so that a large number of T-lymphocytes acquire receptors that help distinguish between foreign proteins, microorganisms and damaged cells. It increases the immune response many times.
  • The work of the entire neuroendocrine system is coordinated by epiphysis. One of the most important tasks of epiphysis is synthesis of own melatonin. Its timely production normalizes biorhythms, maintains a high level of health and slows down the appearance of age-related disorders.

Bioregulators are not hormonal substances, they start the synthesis of own hormones, biologically active substances and proteins. The influence extends strictly to those tissues and organs that belong to the peptide type.

Each capsule includes 30 mg peptide complexes (CYTOMAXES) A6, A8, A20 :

  • pineal gland peptides / Endoluten 10 mg
  • thymus peptides / Vladonix 10 mg
  • bone marrow peptides / Bonomarlot 10 mg.

Adults: 1-2 capsules twice a day.

Form release: 
60 capsules of 200 mg.


100% Original from the Vitual Laboratories (Russian Federation).

Vitual Laboratories

Khavinson Peptides (International Research Foundation).



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Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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