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FUSION - eyelash and eyebrow growth activator

Visible Effect after 14 Days! Restoration of the Eyelash, in case of Eyelash Loss, to Lengthen the Eyelashes.

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54,00 €

FUSION Lash & Brow Activator Serum is effective thanks to a unique formula that helps to make lashes 50% thicker, 18% longer, 50% stronger. With Fusion you get the result of eyelash growth and reduction of eyelash breakouts. The consistency of the serum is optimal for uniform and economical application on eyelashes and eyebrows. First visible effect after 14 days.


Vitamin PP is responsible for the formation of pigments in the eyelashes, significantly improves the quality of eyelashes, gives them volume.
Vitamin B5 protects eyelashes from the harmful effects of UV rays, strengthens and strengthens the hair structure and prevents hair loss.
An analogue of natural prostaglandin helps eyelashes to reach their maximum potential for length and density, stimulates the formation of long and dense eyelashes, is not addictive.
Copper-1 tripeptide improves cell regeneration and allows you to overcome the genetically set limit for eyelash growth.
Fractions of nettle and hop extracts prolong the phase of eyelash growth, induce a phase of active eyelash growth. They expand the blood vessels of the hair follicle and enhance the flow of nutrients.


analog of natural prostaglandin, copper-1 tripeptide, burdock extract, nettle extract, hop extract, plantain, thyme, castor oil, provitamin B5, vitamin PP, distilled water.

Method of application:

For eyelash growth

The Fusion eyelash and eyebrow growth activator is applied daily for 4-5 weeks on the skin of the eyelids in a thin line, after removing the decorative cosmetics. The product is applied at the base of the upper and lower lashes in one stroke, once a day, preferably at bedtime. There is no need to apply liberally or repeatedly.

For eyebrow growth

Fusion Eyelash and Brow Growth Activator is applied daily along the brow line directly to the hair roots. If the brow line is thin or you want to correct it, apply the product where you would like to enhance hair growth. You can apply the product in the morning and / or in the evening, after removing the makeup from the face.

Form release:

3 ml



100% Original from VITAL ESSENTIAL COSMETICS (Russian Federation)

PRO-AGE technologies in the fight against aging: combined use of preparations.

Development and production:


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Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology. 

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