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With vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal functioning of the body.
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The preparation of SLIM LINE series is enriched with vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal functioning of the body. Also it is composed of soluble dietary fiber (gum arabic), which stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora and have beneficial effect on intestinal function, improving peristalsis.

Application method:

Adults: 2 capsules a day during meals. Course duration is 1 month. Not a cure.


Chitosan, gum arabic (dietary fiber), L-carnitine, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), embliki fruit extract, pancreatin, talc (E 553 iii), calcium stearate (E 470). It is recommended as an additional source of vitamin C, the source of chitosan, L-carnitine.


  • helps cleanse the body of toxins
  • displays the salts of heavy metals and radionuclides
  • has an antioxidant effect
  • stimulates the metabolic processes in the body

Main components:


Chitosan has been widely used in recent years around the world, it has established itself as a unique substance that binds and excretes edible fats, and how is unparalleled natural product that reduces cholesterol. It is recommended for obesity, atherosclerosis, and to cleanse the body and for receiving over consumption of fatty foods. Chitosan is often used in a forced-calorie eating fatty food and a fatty meat, fish or confectionery products with prolonged dieting. Application allows chitosan have what you like, not limiting themselves essentially in terms of consumption of fatty or sugary foods. In addition, studies have shown that chitosan can increase the formation of bifidobacteria and thereby reduce the number of harmful bacteria contribute to the reduction of toxins or harmful enzymes prevent diarrhea and constipation, protect the liver, to reduce cholesterol levels in the serum, boost immunity and hemoglobin, and facilitate the formation of nutrients.

Gum arabic 

He is one of the well known natural compounds, which have long been used as a source of fiber. The history of its use has more than 4000 years, and dates back to the ancient period. The popularity of gum arabic is related to its unique properties.

There are numerous experimental evidence that inadequate intake of dietary fiber in the diet increases the risk of diseases of the alimentary tract, cardiovascular system, diabetes, obesity, hypertension. Conversely, clinical practice shows that consumption of dietary fiber protects against these diseases. Furthermore, according to epidemiological data, medical evidence and research on the physiology of the consumption of dietary fiber improves the function of the stomach and intestines, glucose and lipid homeostasis. It is well known property of soluble fiber to lower blood glucose, its positive effect on the organism of diabetics. Foods with low cholesterol content, rich in soluble fiber useful for people with high cholesterol levels, and for healthy individuals. Addition of gum arabic increases the viscosity of the weight of the food product and thus leads to normal gastric secretion and inhibits the secretion of digestive enzymes. This slows down digestion, thereby reducing blood glucose and lipid concentrations. Studies using soluble fiber consisting of gum arabic showed lowering of plasma cholesterol by 18%.


This vitamin-like substance, a natural factor in the destruction of adipose tissue. The main function of L-carnitine is to transfer fat to their places of intracellular digestion in the mitochondria (cell organelles responsible for degradation of organic substances: fats, proteins and carbohydrates). In the absence of L-carnitine effective lipolysis is almost impossible, it is the lack of this component is very often the cause of obesity. It is very important that the oxidized in the presence of carnitine fats give the body the energy contained in them, thereby increasing the general level of physical and intellectual activity of man. The nutrition and pharmaceutical L-carnitine started applied as a regulator of cardiac activity, means of prevention of myocardial dystrophy and heart failure because the heart muscle is working primarily with energy-cleavable fat. Recent studies suggest the possibility of use of L-carnitine, as a matter of correcting the body weight due to the smooth and stable reduction of the mass fraction of fat in the body.

Fruits of Amalaki 

Embliki officinalis (Amla, Amalaki) - deservedly one of the most famous plants in Eastern medicine. The strongest natural antioxidant that prevents premature aging tonic, the richest source of vitamin C. embliki boosts immunity, improves digestion, metabolism of proteins and lipids, reduces cholesterol, strengthens the vascular wall, normalizes the activity of the whole organism.Embliki one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C (up to 3 grams per fruit). In addition to ascorbic acid in the plant in large quantities contains citric acid, gallic - an important source of polyphenols, tannins - emblikan A and emblikan B vitamins in bioavailable form - nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1) amino acids - methionine, tryptophan, pectin, cellulose, flavonoids, carotenoids, gums, cytokinins - zeatin, zeatin riboside, zeatinnukleonid.

About 50 years ago, the plant turned its attention to Western medicine. After a comprehensive detailed scientific studies, this plant become a part of Western pharmacology. The extract has embliki cascading antioxidant properties, based on the ability to chelate (isolate) heavy metal ions and cascade to absorb free radicals.

The bulk consists of four polyphenol extract - emblikanin A emblikanin B puniglyukonin, pedunkulagin and gallic acid and the flavonoid rutin. Stable Time embliki antioxidant activity based on a unique combination of natural tannins, which form a system of cascading.


Complex digestive enzymes of the pancreas, promotes normal digestion. Fills deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, having lipolytic, amylolytic and proteolytic effect, enhances cleavage of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the duodenum, proximal small intestine, which contributes to a more complete and balanced absorption. This is extremely important because it is known that the normal absorption of protein inhibits fat absorption in the intestine. Pancreatin improves the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract.

The composition comprises pancreatin basic pancreatic digestive enzymes - lipase, alpha-amylase, proteases (trypsin and chymotrypsin).Lipase cleaves neutral fat to monoglyceride and fatty acids that participate in bile acids are quickly absorbed in the upper small intestine.Amylase hydrolysis of starch - first to the dextrin, and then with the participation of the normal microflora to maltose. Proteases contribute to the breakdown of proteins into polypeptides and free amino acids.

Vitamin C 

He is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and it was first isolated from the juice of a lemon. He is fully soluble in water, and it gives him a number of advantages - for example, thanks to this property of vitamin C can penetrate easily and quickly to wherever needed, to help the immune system to eliminate malfunctions in the body, and run the processes needed for human health and life.

Form release: 

30 capsules of 0.6 g.



100% Original from the Scientific and Production Center of Revitalization and Health (Russian Federation)


Scientific and Production Center of Revitalization and Health




Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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