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CYTOMAXES Cytomaxes Natural peptide bioregulators based on peptide complexes isolated from animal organs and tissues. Cytomaxes exert a regulatory effect on the cellular level and are used for improving the organism resistance. Natural peptides are widely used in maintaining normal levels of metabolic processes in human organisms, treatments for various diseases, post surgeries, as an after care severe diseases and regulates ageing processes in humans. 42 DOWNLOAD PDF
CYTOGENS Cytogens Cytogens are syntesized peptide bioregulators, which exert a pronounced regulatory effect on protein biosynthesis in the cells. 12 DOWNLOAD PDF
Peptide complexes in solution Peptide complexes in solution Natural peptide bioregulators. Liquid Peptides. Peptides protect human cells from toxins, speed up the metabolism inside the cells and as a whole they stabilize the work of all the organs. 19 DOWNLOAD PDF
REVILAB peptides Revilab peptides Synthesized peptide bioregulators. Innovative series of peptide complexes. Prevention of malfunctions of various systems and organs, correction of existing diseases. 20 DOWNLOAD PDF
Healing and prophylactic preparations Healing and prophylactic preparations Complex application submitted by biologically active additives NPCRIZ performs one of the most important functions: it provides prevention of premature aging, promotes the normalization of metabolism and accumulates the force of the body without the damaging side effects. 36 DOWNLOAD PDF
Mesotel internal Mesotel internal Mesotel is the basic product of revitalization. Mesotel Beauty. Mesotel Neo. Mesotel Tabs. 4 DOWNLOAD PDF
Mesotel for external use Mesotel for external use Mesotels for external use with complex HPE-4 + Neovitin®. Mesotel for face and neck. Mesotel for hair and scalp. Mesotel for body. 3 DOWNLOAD PDF
Cosmetics Revilab Cosmetics Revilab Anti-aging serum - based multifunctional professional peptides with fast visible lifting effect. Lips lift serum. Eye lift serum. Ultra-moisturizing serum. 7 DOWNLOAD PDF
Cosmetics Reviline Cosmetics Reviline Peptide creams: anti-wrinkle face cream, anti-aging face day cream, anti-aging night cream, face cream for problem skin, intensive eye cream, cream-gel for the eye area, anti-cellulite body cream, nourishing hand cream, peptide cream for legs from varicose veins, restoring foot cream. 14 DOWNLOAD PDF
Cosmetics Reviline Pro Cosmetics Reviline Pro Intensive face cream with peptides of vessels, regenerating face cream with peptides of thymus, strengthening face cream with peptides of cartilage, restoring face cream with peptides of epiphysis. 4 DOWNLOAD PDF
Decorative cosmetics Decorative cosmetics Mascara and cream-balm PEPTIDE LASHES® contains peptides of cartilage. Lip balm PEPTIDE LIPS® contains peptides from vessels and thymus. 5 DOWNLOAD PDF
Revidont oral care Oral care Revidont PROFESSIONAL toothpastes with peptide complexes A-3, A-4, A-6, with Neovitin, with Mumiyo. Balm for gums with natural peptides and Neovitin. 4 DOWNLOAD PDF
Body and hair care SPA LINE peptide produkts contains peptides of vessels, cartilage, thymus. Peptide shampoo for all hair types, peptide balsam for hair, peptide cream-mask for hair, cream-soap with peptides, under-eye petals, mesotel for bath. 6 DOWNLOAD PDF


Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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