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TIME TO GROW - 3-ENERGY FACTOR For Hair Restoration

Three maximum active hair growth stimulants and antiandrogens are designed to restore the density and thickness of the hair. Increases the viability of weakened follicles. CONTAINS ALANINE / HISTDINE / LYSINE POLYPEPTIDE COPPER HCL. It is a tripeptide of the amino acids alanine, histidine, lysine. It is a bioidentical analogue of the natural substance GNK-Cu, which has a variety of biological functions in the repair and regeneration of human body tissues. One of the functions is the ability to restore hair growth.
Form: 100ml
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TIME TO GROW 3-ENERGY FACTOR contains 3 strong stimulants. 2 of which - with a completely different mechanism of action from minoxidil and, which is fundamentally important, in the maximum working concentration. Their action is complemented by a natural U-ferment complex. These two stimulants have a high independent activity and even each separately can be used to restore hair growth and density. 3 such strong ingredients are combined in one formula so that the user does not have to use many different products from different bottles. And also because people with long-standing and noticeable hair thinning often have reduced susceptibility to stimulants, and for the activation of the follicles, a versatile effect of ingredients with different mechanisms is needed.


With noticeable thinning and thinning hair. In the presence of foci of baldness. We do not recommend using 3-Energy for the initial stages of thinning, in which case Active Hair Growth Stimulating Lotion and Bio-Energy Natural Stimulator are preferred.

With a noticeable thinning, it is recommended to gradually increase the strength of stimulation, start with the Active Lotion, gradually introducing Bio-Energy into the scheme and then Three-Energy. Why this particular recommendation? This is done to reduce the likelihood and severity of a period of increased hair loss in response to the use of strong stimulants.


  • helps to restore the density and thickness of hair;
  • protects hair from premature aging;
  • supports the microbiota of the scalp;
  • the drug is prescribed for problems with thinning hair, reducing hair density, thinning hair.

Increased hair loss on the use of 3-Energy does not always occur, in some cases, on the contrary, after the start of the use of Three-Energy, excessive hair loss stops, and the situation stabilizes.
There are no objective tests that allow you to confidently predict whether there will be a fallout period or not. There may be both options, hair loss will increase, or vice versa will stabilize. This applies to all types of strong stimulants.
Therefore, in case of a combination of strong hair loss and thinning, we recommend that the first stage is a course to stabilize the hair loss (SOS for hair, Polarized lotion) and only after that proceed to the hair growth stimulation program.


Deionized water, Alanine/histidine/lysine polypeptide copper HCL, butylene glycol, Pyrrolidinyl diaminopyrimidine oxide, ethoxydiglycol, heptyl glucoside, glycerin, lecithin, polysorbate 20, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, Nicotinic acid, Adenine dinucleotide phosphate, benzyl alcohol, glyceryl laurate, Lactobacillus/soymilk ferment filtrate, lactobacillus/rye flour ferment, bacillus/soybean ferment extract, propanediol, glycerine,1,2-hexanediol, cetylpyridinium chloride, Disodium EDTA.

Active components:

ALANINE / HISTDINE / LYSINE POLYPEPTIDE COPPER HCL is a tripeptide of the amino acids alanine, histidine, lysine. It is a bioidentical analogue of the natural substance GNK-Cu, which has a variety of biological functions in the repair and regeneration of human body tissues. One of the functions is the ability to restore hair growth.

NICOTINIC ACID adenine dinucleotide phosphate is a patented ingredient that stimulates hair growth through the activation of gene and cellular mechanisms, prolongs the anagen phase, and has a proven antiandrogenic effect.

The patented U-FERMENT COMPLEX (a complex of vitamins obtained by natural fermentation by lactic acid microorganisms) is a source of B vitamins and biologically active substances of natural origin.

PYRROLIDINYL DIAMINOPYRIMIDINE OXIDE 5% (copyrrole) increases the vitality of weak hair follicles, accelerates hair growth and increases the amount of hair in the growth stage (anagen). It is an analogue of minoxidil, but not minoxidil itself.

Recomendation for use:

Please note that the Three-Energy lotion label contains brief recommendations: distribute 40 drops from a pipette or 10 spray nozzles in partings. 

The preparation is intended for external use on the scalp.

Apply the preparation along the partings or on the centers of thinning.

When using a spray nozzle - to apply the product to the scalp, make so many clicks on the spray nozzle so that the surface of the treated area is evenly slightly moistened.

Use your fingertips to evenly distribute the product on the scalp.

Do not wash off - the preparation should remain on the scalp for at least 4 hours, it is possible to apply the preparation at night, rinse off in the morning. It is possible to use the preparation from 1-2 r / day to use every other day, or in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist. To achieve a noticeable effect, a course of application is recommended for at least 3-4 months. To maintain the achieved effect, in some cases, including those with genetically determined hair loss, it may be necessary to constantly use the preparation.

If hair thinning (baldness) is local, small in size (frontal bald patches, a small area of thinning at the crown, or 1-2-3 small foci, for example, with alopecia areata), it is enough to use the preparation in the amount of 1/3 pipette or 4-5 clicks on the spray nozzle.
If hair thinning is pronounced, over the entire head, there is a large area of baldness, or the patient has many foci of baldness (for example, with alopecia areata), a larger amount of the preparation is needed - draw 1/3 pipette from the bottle 2-3 times, or make 8- 10 clicks on the spray head.

Form release: 

100 ml


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% original product from TIME TO GROW (Russian Federation)

Time To Grow products received the Rostest Gold Quality

All Time To Grow products have been successfully tested for quality. All Time To Grow brand hair cosmetics are of guaranteed quality and fully comply with the requirements of Russian regulatory documents.

Each preparation has a Customs Union EAC Declaration of Conformity and Safety.

Development and production:

TIME TO GROW (Russian Federation)

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Uniqueness of the company NPCRIZ is determined by the exclusive rights to promote the latest high-performance products of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology.

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