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RedAce ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): Working with e-peptides and customer service

I am writing to share my experience of working with Marina and with the products at e-peptide store.

I live in North America and I have for some time now been very interested in using Professor Khavinson's Peptide products.. but in North America there are only a few place's you can buy them and the costs are very high.  I came across this site e-peptides and saw that the prices for these peptide products was very reasonable and affordable but i still had many questions so i wrote to customer service and right away received and email response from Marina,  Marina has been Wonderful to deal with she has answered all my questions and concerns. She has made the process of buying these peptide products easy. 

I have dealt with many online stores when it comes to buying health supplements but Marina has provide the very best in Customer Service then any other stores i have dealt with.  She is Very knowledgeable regarding all the products and if she does not know the answers then she will take the time to get you the correct information.

The products are always shipped out quickly and you are given all the tracking information that is needed.

As for the Peptide products in my opinion they are excellent when used properly.

All in all i highly recommend to anyone looking to use Peptides to help maintain and improve there health to use e-peptides. 




Friday, 29 January 2021
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