SACHEL native Bio Shampoo

Shampoo based on Soap Nut concentrate.

Does not contain lauryl ether sulphates, fragrances, conserving agents, improvers, stabilizers, synthetic substances, medicinal substances, genetically modified substances and hormones.
May be used by children 1+ years old.

Form release: 250 ml

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21,00 €

SACHEL NATIVE BIO SHAMPOO is a natural product for hair care based on the herbal organelle structures, herbal laticifers and natural components native oil micelles and concentrates, characterized by complex regulating and recovering action to the bursa pili functions and condition, adjacent sebaceous glands, blood vessels, epidermis upper layer and hair shaft.

This native bioshampoo contains amphiphilic natural components in their natural non-altered form characterized by biological compatibility with the epidermis and dermis cells, ultimate solubility in the cell fluids, quick penetration through the tissue barriers to the hair bulb area, adjacent tissues, and blood vessels, and keratin-stimulating action to the hair shaft. Native natural components are selective and regulate the individual disorders of the hair root and hair shaft functions and condition, as well as treat the concomitant esthetic defects; they contribute to:

This bioshampoo contains the complex of micelles extracted from the lambswool (Lachnostachys Eriobotrya) concentrate, silkworm silk fibers concentrate, corn concentrate, soya concentrate, and wheat concentrate. This complex is a source of native keratin in natural non-altered form characterized by biological compatibility with the hair keratin layers, that contributes to filling of the hair shaft voids with keratin and ensures keratinizing and laminating effect.


Soapnuts native concentrate, lambswool (Lachnostachys Eriobotrya) fibers native concentrate, silkworm silk fibers native concentrate, corn seeds native concentrate, soya native concentrate, wheat seeds and shoots native concentrate, amaranth seeds native concentrate, melissa grass native concentrate, hop buds native concentrate, fir native concentrate, bergenia native concentrate, apple tree blossoms native concentrate, strawberry leaves native concentrate, ginkgo biloba leaves native concentrate, clover flowers native concentrate, lovage native concentrate, woad native concentrate, calendula native concentrate, reishi native concentrate, John's-wort native concentrate, yarrow native concentrate, mulberry berries native concentrate, kukui nut native concentrate, ginger root native concentrate, cinnamon native concentrate, sumach native concentrate, parsley native concentrate, magnolia vine (Schisandra Chinensis) berries native concentrate, ginseng native concentrate, cedar nut native concentrate, nettle native concentrate, calamus native concentrate, birch bark native concentrate, common sea buckthorn berries native concentrate, lovage native concentrate, elytrigia native concentrate, chestnut native concentrate, mustard native concentrate, hot pepper native concentrate, nutmeg native concentrate, cordyceps native concentrate, castor bean native concentrate, hazel native concentrate, comfrey native concentrate, pennycress native concentrate, petitgrain essential oil, tea tree essential oil, bergamot orange essential oil, beaver musk, rose essential oil, structured water, wheat shoots sap, lobbi sap, and concentrated tomato juice.

Use instructions:

Apply the shampoo onto your hair, distribute along the entire hair length and scalp using the massage movements, then rinse with water.

This native biological shampoo does not contain lauryl ether sulphates, fragrances, conserving agents, improvers, stabilizers, synthetic substances, medicinal substances, genetically modified substances and hormones. This product is not irritative, provides bioengineering cleansing and structuring action to the scalp, hair roots and hair shafts. Hypoallergenic. This shampoo may be used by children 1+ years old. Biologically active components of this shampoo provide soothing effect for the scalp, prevent itching and peeling. Native absolute oils are characterized by regulating and individual focused action to psychoemotional state: when experiencing depressed mood, they invigorate; when experiencing hyperexcitability, they balance the emotions and behavior and keep you calm. This biological shampoo contains a well-balanced complex of native organelle structures from herbal cells biomass focused on recovery of the biochemical balance of metabolic processes in the hair follicle, adjacent epidermis tissues, upper epidermic layer of the skin and provide curating, prophylactic, regulating, recovering and esthetic action to the scalp and hair shaft.

Clinical trials of this shampoo with a group of women respondents from 18 to 45 years old experiencing the hair growth problems and hair shafts esthetic defects and loss of hair have demonstrated the following results after this shampoo was used for 10 days:

This bioshampoo is recommended for children 1+ years old as regenerative, structuring, and cleansing natural product for hair care and body care. This shampoo does contain any synthetic components that may be dangerous for the baby skin and accumulate in the hair shaft. Biologically active composition of this shampoo contributes to normal physiological balance of metabolic processes in the baby skin and hair roots.

Native Bio shampoo is a natural product. Slight opalescence and sedimentation may occur, which are evident of the natural origin of the product and in no way degrade the quality and safety of the product. This shampoo may be used for body care and facial care, and for baby bathing. Natural essential oils in this bioshampoo provide antiseptic, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, and massage effect for the scalp.

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.

Storage conditions: Keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Attention! This is a natural product, natural sedimentation and opalescence may occur, which in no way degrade the quality of the product. In case of sedimentation, shake before use.

Form release:

250 ml



100% Original from SACHERA-MED (Russian Federation)

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