VETOM® - NOZDRIN nosal spray

Biologically active substance (BAS) to heal the nasal mucosa, as a result of which infectious processes occurring in it are stopped.

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Nasal drops VETOM® NOZDRIN Spray are used to heal the nasal mucosa, as a result of which infectious processes occurring in it are stopped, and its natural ability is activated - to protect the body from infections coming from the air from the external environment. It is advisable to conduct health improvement courses in the periods preceding the widespread occurrence of acute respiratory diseases (ARI), including acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), - in autumn and spring.


Corn extract, fermented by bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain VKPM B-10642 (DSM 24614), and filler.

Method of administration and dosage:

Nozdrin is used in doses (2-3) in each nasal passage (4-6) times a day, at approximately regular intervals. Duration of use is at least 7 days.
In the presence of acute respiratory infections, the frequency should be increased to (8-10) times a day.One dose is a drop of the drug or one metered injection using a nebulizer.

Interaction with other drugs:

Not compatible with drugs that inhibit the growth and development of microorganisms, including antibiotics.


Not recommended in the presence of individual intolerance of the product components.

Form release:

Nozdrin is a light yellow to brown liquid with a specific ammonia odor. Presence of sediment is allowed. Produced in 10 ml bottles in glass or polymer bottles. Vials made of polymeric materials are equipped with droppers or a dispenser with a spray tip and caps made of polymeric materials. Each of the vials is packed in a cardboard box with instructions for use.

Storage conditions:

Store Nozdrin at a relative humidity of no higher than 75% and a temperature of (0-10) ° C, out of the reach of children.Transportation and temporary storage at temperatures from 0 ° C to 30 ° C inclusive for 18 days is allowed.
Shelf life is 2 years.Do not use after the expiration date.
It is not a drug.


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from  RESEARCH CENTER (Russian Federation)

Development and production:

RESEARCH CENTER Koltsovo Science Town Novosibirsk region  (Russian Federation)

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